Whether your practice offers dental or orthodontic services, you must have the right marketing strategies. These tactics can help your clinic attract new patients and retain existing ones. They’re also crucial in raising brand awareness, increasing patient satisfaction, and maintaining a positive reputation in the competitive industry. 

While picking the right advertising tactics for your practice is essential, that alone is not always enough to remain successful. Therefore, you should also educate yourself about the evolution of dental marketing. This good habit will help you stay competitive and manage your online reputation more effectively. 

If you’re ready to propel your clinic for long-term success and stability, this article will define dental marketing and explain the differences between traditional and modern strategies. We’ll also enumerate the components of new dental marketing. 

What Is Dental Marketing? 

Dental marketing encompasses various factors. All patient interactions, like phone calls or online presence, are a form of advertising. All these elements work together to keep current patients, attract new ones, and establish your practice as a leader in the field through word-of-mouth and a strong reputation.

Why Is the Evolution of Marketing Essential to Your Practice?

You must understand the current marketing methods to avoid wasting money and effectively reach your target audience, leading to business growth and profitability. Neglecting to improve and not using the right advertising strategies can harm your practice even if you have loyal patients. 

How Are Old and New Dental Marketing Tactics Different?

Old-school advertising aimed to connect with as many people as possible but lacked ongoing interaction. Methods like broadcast, push, and print marketing are outdated and less effective in the digital age.

Meanwhile, modern marketing focuses more on building and maintaining loyal customer relationships. These habits are crucial because it generates genuine leads through referrals and recommendations.

What Are the Differences between the Four Ps and Six Cs?

Old-school marketing uses the four Ps (product, price, placement, and promotion). In contrast, the newer six Cs approach focuses on customer-centric aspects like contact, connection, conversation, consideration, consumption, and community. The latter approach emphasizes the significance of meaningful patient interactions for optimal success.

5 Components of Modern Dental Marketing

After defining dental marketing and differentiating old-school and new tactics, here are five advertising strategies to always have in your efforts. 

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You can increase your website’s visibility by strategically including relevant keywords to your industry and services. This website optimization process helps you be the top search when potential patients find applicable terms, like “orthodontist near me,” making it more likely for them to visit your website.

2. Social Media Marketing 

You don’t need to spend dollars on ads to promote your services. Instead, create and share engaging content on your social media pages. Use videos to showcase your procedures, address common concerns, introduce your team, and add a personal touch to your practice. It will make potential clients feel more comfortable contacting you when they need your help.

3. Monthly Newsletters 

Create a monthly newsletter discussing relevant topics with your patients to keep them informed and engaged with your practice.

4. Google My Business (GMB) 

You can stand out in the Search and Maps features when you claim your Google listing and ensure it’s updated, appealing, and optimized for search engines. It’s mainly beneficial for businesses wanting to target their local market.

5. Text Reminders

Text reminders can help you connect with your patients by sending them special offers, appointment reminders, birthday wishes, and holiday greetings. It shows your professionalism and dedication towards your patients, keeping them committed and engaged with your services.

Smiling with the Times

Creating and implementing the best dental marketing ideas can help your clinic, but that alone is usually insufficient. You can remain competitive in the modern world by educating yourself about the evolution of these tactics and working with a professional agency. 

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